About Tina

_DSC5878Ahhh… where does one even start when writing an About Me.

Let’s start in 2004 when I attended my first LARP, Live Action Role Play. I was shy and horrible at roleplaying but as soon as I had a sword in my hand I felt at home. I continued LARPing up and down the East coast until I settled down and helped my friends create and run Seventh Kingdom IGE in July 2009.

In May 2014 I made the decision to go through with weight loss surgery, the gastric sleeve. I just wasn’t able to enjoy the active hobbies as well as I use to. After losing 150lbs in 16 months I began looking around at things to keep me active.

In the spring of 2015 I found and fell in love with the SCA, Society of Creative Anachronisms. I took right away to heavy fighting and haven’t looked back.
Summer of 2015 was eye opening for me. I stepped down at Seventh Kingdom IGE to give myself more time to explore bigger adventures. I attended Bicolline for the first time and traveled to Europe to play a weekend in a castle with College of Wizardry.

These are just some of my bigger adventures with so many stories sprinkled in between. I’ve felt the need to write down my travels and lessons learned along the way which has brought me this new adventure of blogging.

Hopefully you can vicariously live through me during my high points and learn from my low points but I will consider this blog a victory if I teach one person something or make a few laugh along the way.